Greek Art Paintworks Paint Color By Number Kits Carriage 16-Inch by 20-Inch - B012J5I8HU

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  • Greek Art,All Rights Reserved made by Greek Art and have not another angent.All other seller are fake. Please buy from Greek Art to protect your profit.

  • Finished size:16*20 Inch.Pre-printed textured art canvas without wooden frames.The painting substrate used in all high-end-line material with the special treatment.It is processional color by number painting materials,texture extraordinary.

  • Using high-quality safe acrylic pigment;The pigment is water-based acrylic using environmental,non-toxic and non-pollution.Color saturated bright,long-term preservation work can not fade.

  • The 3 size high quality painting brushes,allowing you to share the pleasure of artistic creation with family and friends.Pen's peak with high grade nylon material,durable and not easily split.

  • Easy-to-follow instructions.Paint by Number is a relaxing art form which can be completed quickly over a couple of days or enjoyed a little at a time over weeks and months.Perfect for all skill levels.Allow anyone to create stunning masterpieces.It can be displayed in your home or given as a gift.

  • Color:Carriage

    About Greek Art Painting
    Greek Art Painting is registered trademark and protected by trademark Law.
    Greek Art Painting has always devoted itself to providing high quality and ourstanding fashionable painting accessories.

    Make creating a work of art incredibly simple with these fun paint by number kits.Designed for both adults and children and the best part is you can paint beautiful masterpieces and it can be displayed in your home or given as a gift, even if you've never painted before in your life.

    There are a few tips and tricks maybe get the best results:
    1.As the acrylic pigment, the lukewarm water usually works the best when cleaning brushes.
    2.Start at the top of your painting so drying paint stays above the side of your hand while you paint to prevent smudging. Paint the smallest areas first, then the medium-sized, followed by the largest areas. Try to paint with one color at a time if possible and let areas dry completely before painting neighboring sections. Remember to wash your brush completely when changing to a new color.
    3.Fill in very small areas by dipping the end of a toothpick in the desired paint color and "dotting" in the area on the canvas.
    4.Use enough paint so the numbers don't show through, but not so much paint that it runs into other areas.
    5.Use a magnifying glass and paint in a well-lit area to make sure you complete your painting accurately.
    6.If you have to mix certain colors, mix small amounts at a time so you don't waste too much paint. Darken the color by simply adding a small amount of the darkest paint color you were instructed to mix.

    NOTICE:The wood frame does not included in the package.

    1.If you accidentally dropped the pigment on the clothes, please wash it immediately.
    2.Please close the lid of paint when you finish using it, just in case of the paint getting dry.

    Greek Art Paintworks Paint Color By Number Kits Carriage 16-Inch by 20-Inch - B012J5I8HU

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