MythBusters Jamie Hyneman Talking Bobblehead by BD&A - B003XIYMZA

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  • The MythBusters Jamie Hyneman talking bobblehead says things like, “I always enjoyed seeing Adam in pain.”

  • Jamie Hyneman is a multifaceted fellow who has been a wilderness survival expert, boat captain, diver, linguist, animal wrangler, machinist and cook.

  • He’s one fascinating scientist. One last word from Jamie Hyneman’s Bobblehead, “I'm not sure what it's gonna do, but it looks cool,” a reminder of the uncertainties of life.

  • Discovery Channel Store Exclusive 7.75" tall

  • A distinctive part of his appearance is his dark beret, white long-sleeve button-up shirt over a black t-shirt, no-rim glasses, and occasionally, mirrored sunglasses with side anti-glare guards. This, along with his walrus-style mustache and deep voice, are constant subjects for jokes by co-host Adam Savage and other team members. A sign hanging in his workshop reading "Clean Up or Die", visible in several episodes, expresses his desire to keep the shop clean and tidy. Hyneman's demeanor on MythBusters is calm, logical and no-nonsense, in stark contrast to Savage's more animated, impulsive and energetic persona. Hyneman is often exasperated by Savage's antics and he sometimes argues with him about the best approach to take. The two often have very different ideas for performing experiments and building devices. Hyneman's ideas tend to be more simplified than his co-host's, and he has a philosophy of reducing a solution to its most basic form, wherever possible. This difference has led to numerous competitions between the two presenters when testing myths, such as testing the Goldfish Memory myth and Hoverboard myth. In the "AC on vs. Windows Down" myth, Hyneman revealed a food that he invented (and commonly eats) known as "the 444", a smoothie-like concoction of four fruit, four vegetable, and four grain servings. Despite skepticism by the rest of the crew, Hyneman described the 444's taste as "quite pleasant".

    MythBusters Jamie Hyneman Talking Bobblehead by BD&A - B003XIYMZA

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